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02-08-2006 12:07:29

Is this site a scam?


02-08-2006 12:56:30

not to my knowledge, I have 175 dollars pending cashout, and they have AIM help, (which I did a trade with and he instantly greened) so I'd say It's legit


04-08-2006 18:20:25

Hmm. I've been pending $31 for about a week or more now.

[bcb2d44bca2]Jul 25, 2006 PayPal 31.0000[/bcb2d44bca2]


05-08-2006 10:01:42

He denied my first withdrawl on July 18th, reason being because "Please collect your money and withdraw at the end of the month. Thank you."

And then I withdrawled again on July 23rd and i'm still pending.


05-08-2006 12:42:10

Taking pretty long here.


05-08-2006 15:16:42

MadCash4UInc payments are sent on 20th
MadCash4UInc or earlier

That is his AIM name if you wanted to know.


05-08-2006 18:57:52

Yeah I just missed the cut off.

[b1e6531e026]"Admin (August 5th, 2006 at 0913 PM)

If you withdraw on july you will get the money on Aug. 20th. Thank you. Please read the rules."[/b1e6531e026]