Prizebook 360 Approved

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31-07-2006 12:18:10

Some of you know I had my deadline extended for the XBOX 360 Giveaway on Prizebook. Today I received a very great response from customer service saying that my referrals were approved and they would be shipping my 360 late this week or early next!!! IM SO EXCITED!!! Now I can finally play Oblivion without my husband and his friends going "Come on, we want to play Burnout!" Thanks Prizebook. When I receive it I will post about it in the brag section!


31-07-2006 12:33:36

Oblivion > Burnout

Well if you are into playing alone for endless hours


31-07-2006 12:40:50

Oblivion blows on 360. It rules on PC. I have no idea how you'd play on a 360 with a controller. I guess I'm just a PC guy. Keyboard and mouse for me. Congrats!


31-07-2006 13:05:50

hey congrats! I'm getting my 19 inch gaming lcd (2ms response time baby!) from lcds.yourgiftsfree this week for my 360 I have now, and then I'm getting a 2nd 360 shipped out the 15th next month from Dontcostanything, so I too will have 2 of them hooked up, for Laning or I'm giving it to one of my friends, I'm not sure yet, but congrats!


31-07-2006 13:46:33

Not to thread-crap or steal, the only games I cannot play with a controller are real-time strategies. Other than that it all works.