Prizebook is pretty much my hero

Live forum:


25-07-2006 20:09:16

[quote55483e7995="Prizebook"]7/25/06 - We will be randomly awarding free money into user's accounts who post testimonials and proof pictures on the web! We will give out a total of $5,000 for the next month to random users we find on the internet with a screenshot or testimonial![/quote55483e7995]

About five seconds after I read that annoucement on the main page, I realize my account balance went from $21 to [b55483e7995]$100[/b55483e7995] shock
[/size55483e7995]and it was not due to any referrals.

Not to mention that this week alone I gained $14 of the original $21 from the 10% I get from referrals completing offers.

I be cashing this shweeeet gift ASAP.

Best site evar. D X 100

oh....and PM me if you want a link. ;)


25-07-2006 20:22:28

congrats dude...I love your posts, I'm so glad we have 5000 of those avatars on this forum lol


26-07-2006 20:33:45

Congrats I saw that on the forums. I am starting to think I like Prizebook a whole bunch - it's definately tied with Free4Me right now, thats uber cool. wink


29-07-2006 08:00:02

omg I can make a living off this site (not really, but getting there). Seems like each week I get $20 from refs/money from that new promotion.


29-07-2006 11:00:18

Wow congrats, Free moneyz!