Which sites have an Ipod Nano 1GB?

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16-07-2006 08:46:18

I need a 1 gb ipod nano. Preferably around 3 refs with no oods. ANy sites?


16-07-2006 12:30:22

yoiu can get it for 4 refs on ANY SITE (custom order) on yourgiftsfree.
trust me 4 refs is easy to get and you can get refs fast for this site. they approve and ship super fast.


16-07-2006 14:46:02

You can do ThisIpodNanoisFree from TSIF.

I'll send you my link if you want. D


17-07-2006 09:40:49

you can also do ipodshufflefiesta I believe, but like someone else said, yourgiftsfree is the best network imo and they'll ship it and aprove it super fast


17-07-2006 15:45:02

Yea.. iPodShuffleFiesta.com has really good crediting. And is only 4 offers. The offers are great too.