11Rewards.com ...has anybody received any gifts since 7/08..

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13-07-2006 09:13:12

I've been waiting for about 3 weeks now for my gift. I didn't know about their Paypal horrors, so I requested wire transfer. But sending bank info via an email seems crazy to me. So I keep emailing the admin to set up a secured site where that info can be submitted, but I just keep getting the run around.

Has anybody received their gift after sending them bank info? How did you send bank info?



20-07-2006 02:52:04

I think we already talked about this and your Western Union is scheduled for nearest Tuesday )

BTW, you give out your baking info on every check you write. Seems not a secure thing to do, eh? -) People are sending their banking infos via email to me all the time.


24-07-2006 09:10:51

Your Western Union has been sent!


24-07-2006 12:51:25

Just got my Transfer, thanks 11Rewards couldn't be happier ).