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13-07-2006 07:38:54

Well I know they sent out 360's im just wondering if anything has received anything else, got paypal prize waitin for a week now and wonderin when they ship assuming its monthly


13-07-2006 08:32:19

its weekly but there's a 3-14 day approval period. they ship out every friday. if you've been waiting for more than 7 biz days, i would think your shit would be sent out tomorrow.


13-07-2006 11:28:59

I should be getting Paypal soon from then allllll $75 buckaroos.


15-07-2006 08:12:40

u get it john? I cant even get my suppor ticket to work


15-07-2006 08:17:01

i would post up on the forum if i were you, they said that they're migrating files and shit on the forum so i think that may be why...


15-07-2006 08:49:34

when i try to read anything or do anything where there forum got like a no permiisssion note


15-07-2006 08:59:50

[quote470b100499="ClassAct"]when i try to read anything or do anything where there forum got like a no permiisssion note[/quote470b100499]

You might have to login.


15-07-2006 09:06:19

works fine for me )


15-07-2006 09:08:49

is when im logged in i get that


15-07-2006 09:10:17

Some problems were encountered
The requested username and password combination could not be found.

is what im getting but I am logged into my account


15-07-2006 09:11:58

[quoted7095721fa="ClassAct"]is when im logged in i get that[/quoted7095721fa]

Dunno, maybe they're working on it. shrug


16-07-2006 22:45:40

I got the same thing for a while and it fixed itself, they said I needed to be logged in and I was.