6 Ref On This50BuxIsFree Denied

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13-06-2006 08:35:48

I just had 6 refs on This50Bux is free Denied. It says "offer completion not approved" All were trades from this forum, so I have no clue why they got denied. I hope that all they have to do is complete another offer. I submitted a support ticket and will keep everyone updates. D


13-06-2006 08:41:04

I had a ref from this forum denied as well -

I sent a PM here requesting info about shipping time, etc, but haven't heard back yet. Has anyone been shipped a GC from TSIF? If so, how long does it take for the GCs to be shipped?


13-06-2006 13:39:59

One had 3 Accounts on the site, and 3 of them "did the exact same offer and were related via reverse lookup" roll O'm still waiting on info on the other 2 and to see if any of them just have to do another offer. (


13-06-2006 14:54:36



13-06-2006 19:57:14

yeah i completed this site...and received my visa card. dont remember how long it took, actually, i think there was a problem with the shipping..I had to cntact the CS and they sent another one. But I did get it, so they are legit


14-06-2006 06:35:02

do you have to be a certain age to get the visa card and can it be used anywhere?


14-06-2006 20:46:26

I took paypal option and had no issues.