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06-06-2006 21:11:16

Hello, this is Chris from TechFreebie.

I wanted to check in here to make myself available for questions, tech support, and general information for TechFreebie.

We launched about 6 weeks ago and the site is doing well. I am anticipating having the first major shipments out late next week.

We now have over 75 offers available including full and 1/2 credit offers for the US site. We are also available for UK and Canada residents. I hope to bring in Germany in the near future.

For support I can be reached through PM's here, Support through the site, and AIM at supporttf

For those who remember me being here previously about my site I had the screen name TF. I felt this was better for people to find me at.



06-06-2006 21:21:26

Welcome. D

Could you list the gifts and their referral requirements as well as a list of offers?


06-06-2006 21:25:34

You bet. I will be glad to. It will take me a few. Like I said I have over 75 offers on the US site. I will make it look good. Bear with me.


06-06-2006 21:40:34

Here are the gifts.

Gifts available on

8 refs Apple 30 GB iPod Video
7 refs 30Gb Creative Zen Vision M
7 refs 4GB Ipod Nano
12 refs HP iPAQ hx2795 Pocket PC
9 refs Dell Axim X51 PDA
6 refs Toshiba D-R4 Multi-Drive DVD Recorder
9 refs Motorola RAZR V3
17 refs Sharp Aquos LC-20B8US 20"
7 refs ViewSonic VA902B 19'' LCD Monitor
11 refs Xbox 360 Premium System
7 refs Sony PSP
12 refs Archos AV500 (30GB)
13 refs Canon Powershot S80
13 refs Sony DCR-DVD105 DVD Handycam Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom
7 refs $250 Cash


06-06-2006 21:45:40

Not bad. A little steep but by no means over the top.


06-06-2006 21:55:41

[quote97325e2f1e="theysayjump"]Not bad. A little steep but by no means over the top.[/quote97325e2f1e]

Yeah that's what I said to myself too. Depends on the offers too, /me crosses fingers and hopes for no-CC offers.


06-06-2006 21:55:55

Here are the offers.

US Full credit offers

Columbia House
The South Beach Diet
Tickle Ancient Tarot Test
Tickle Brain Test
Tickle Chakra Test
Tickle Sex IQ Test
Tickle IQ Test
Tickle Zodiac Test
Tickle ESP Test
TIckle Ink Blot Test
Tickle Ultimate Personality Test
Tickle Palm Reading Test
White Overnight
People PC
AOL Safe and Security
Discover Platinum]
Video Professor
Comcast Homes
Party Poker]
Bingo Liner
Bingo Cafe
Bingo Hideaway
Golden Palace Casino
Free Bingo Game
Pitney Bowes Mail Station
Longevity - HGH Anti-Aging Formula
Host Gator
Final Smoke
Robert G Allen
Win in the Cash Flow Business
Juve Miracle Cream

US 1/2 credit offers

Celladerm Acne Treatment
Hydroderm Beverly Hills
My Daily Dose
Detective Sherlock
Thompson Cigars
Body By Jake Carb Manager
Poker Expert
Ink Blvd
Celladerm Anti Wrinkle Cream
Curb your Cravings
Revival Soy
Passport to Fun
Himalaya Green Tea - Free Trial
Brain Bullet--AIM, Fire, Achieve
Scholastic - Dr.Seuss Offer - Free Trial
Singing Coach - Free Trial
Boca Java]
Money Gaming


Tickle Matchmaking (UK)
Tickle ESP Test (UK)
Tickle Ink Blot Test (UK)
Tickle Ultimate Personality Test
Tickle IQ Test
Tickle Ancient Tarot Test
Tickle Brain Test
Tickle Zodiac Test
Tickle Chakra Test
TIckle Ink Blot Test (UK)
Simply Switch (UK)
Game Account (UK)
1&1 Internet Ltd. (UK)

Canada Offers

TIckle Ink Blot Test
Tickle IQ Test
Tickle Ancient Tarot Test
Tickle Zodiac Test
Tickle Brain Test
Tickle ESP Test
Blockbuster (CA)
Celladerm Acne Treatment (CA)
Forexmentor (CA)
Sports Interaction (CA)
Celladerm Anti Wrinkle Cream (CA)]
Xhobatol (CA)
Hydroderm Beverly Hills (CA)
Video Professor CA

These offers are good as of today's date 6/6/06 and can change without notice. This is just for a baseline.


06-06-2006 22:06:05

[quotecdb03eed10="theysayjump"]Not bad. A little steep but by no means over the top.[/quotecdb03eed10]

Well I did not want to short change myself. And thus far I am glad with the offer requirements. I can honestly say that I am comfortable with the way things are going with respect to the amount received per offer against the cost of the gifts.

I hope this helps