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24-05-2006 10:13:34

May Promo!
This Month we are giving away multiple prizes.

Try an offer from our "most popular offers" section and have a chance to win...

Grand Prize $200 Visa Gift Card/Paypal
First Prize $100 Visa Gift Card/Paypal
Second Prize $50 Visa Gift Card/Paypal
Third Prize $25 Visa Gift Card/Paypal
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24-05-2006 10:57:21

move this to announcements?
btw, nice offer for sure )


24-05-2006 15:21:59

Moved to Announcements....


24-05-2006 16:34:05

? kinda negative when you put this type of annoucement in the more commonly known scammer forum, I would put it in the Other Freebie sites forum. I always thought the types of annoucements that go here were ones that dealt with going away for a while trading.


24-05-2006 16:36:30

I moved it here but I guess I'll move it again...


07-06-2006 16:09:35

Anyone know how long they take to review accounts? Mine is under review a second time after they put one of my referrals on hold. Also, related to that, when was the last time they paid - is there a schedule yet?


07-06-2006 22:48:42

I have no idea, but anyone know how fast the shipping is for the ds lite?


08-06-2006 00:03:21

Aight.. not to dickride or anything, I personally think this is one of the best admin's to hit freebies so far, he had quick communication, and spent alot of time going over my request/problem.

This guy is awesome.


08-06-2006 10:57:31

I still say you open up a Video Game Console Website, or a PSP website