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17-05-2006 21:05:25

Anybody tried these guys?


17-05-2006 21:32:08

I got my $50 visa from them.... nice site indeed. All non-cc offers

unknown uchiha

17-05-2006 23:26:22

There's quite a few threads about them if you search =P I personally have had crediting issues with them but it seems to be pretty good for everyone else.


24-05-2006 06:35:56

I have also heard a fair few people getting stuff off them for free. Their sites are cool!


24-05-2006 08:05:26

There sites are good but people here tend to be greedy and ask for a lot of money for a FREE site. I only have 2 referrals, if anyone else wants a free $50 let me know.


01-06-2006 19:04:05

Yeah, I'm working on the DS Lite website, all you have to do is fill out a survey and get credit, PM me if you're thinking about signing up.

How do you know if anyone has signed up under you?


01-06-2006 19:31:56

There's a list at the homepage/status that show ur referrals.
Let me know if you can do this50buxisfree.


01-06-2006 21:50:01

I liked them......until thisipodnano and dslite didn't credit my offer. (i did memo link and uShip! When the ipod one didn't credit I just figured i would do another offer...but when my dslite one didn't credit i was and am pissed as that site was part of a trade and it is MY SIDE of the trade!!!!!!!! I will wait a few more days and go for manual but I don't want to get a -1 traderecord!!!! I did everything correctly!!


06-06-2006 10:15:31

Does anyone know if they have a representative here or on A4f?


06-06-2006 10:38:36

I've got a support ticket with no response for a few days, along with an email I sent yesterday with no response either. Been waiting on 2 people to get credit for a week or two, one is FON and he said he did 4 offers....(