Just Received $290 PayPal from YourGiftsFree!

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08-05-2006 17:33:21

Alright well I had agreed with the admin of YGF on a Razr V3C (retail app. $360) for 8 referrals, because we agreed that I would receive 2 free referrals if I signed up under him at PocketPC4Free. I got 8 referrals, but found a V3C on eBay for $280 + $10 shipping, so we agreed that I would only use 6 referrals and he would PayPal me $298.41 to cover the PayPal fee so I would receive the exact amount I needed. I'll be using the 2 left over referrals towards a laptop. So I ended up receiving about $48.33 for each referral! Awesome support and he was SOO flexible!

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unknown uchiha

08-05-2006 17:40:24

Awesome, how long from verification -> approval -> receiving payment?


08-05-2006 17:49:12

I requested verification and received my payment about an hour later. LOL. 1 of my referrals didn't get credited for an offer, but since another referral completed 2 offers since the first offer took forever to credit, the admin gave credit to the one who didn't credit to compensate. YGF kicks ass!

unknown uchiha

08-05-2006 17:59:34

WHOA no way! That is cool. I'm pursuing the site currently. I was on hold for doing Advantage Language twice (though the first time it didn't credit on an OC site and I asked the CS if it was alright and they said it was...) but they let me do another offer to clear it up. Sounds like good support from YGF.


08-05-2006 19:31:51

Congrats! D


09-05-2006 15:52:22

If you sign up for the admin on pocketpc4free, he gives you free refs? Can I get that deal?


09-05-2006 16:32:02

haha i would say not since it's only 1 referral. well it was when we signed up. now i believe it's 5.