Consider yourself warned about Pay-Zero

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30-04-2006 19:46:55

I've had nothing but problems with Here's a list

Friend signed up and admin wouldn't give credit for his offer because he took the offer away.

Admin had problems with several bingo sites, and they wouldn't pay him. Admin told customers that he would send out $20 visa gift cards for all those who completed these offers. My roomate completed 2 of them, and never received his $40. (While the Admin's offer was generous, this does little good for my roomate.)

I signed up knowing that one offer done (90 points) was going to be enough to get a video game. Before I could place an order, he upped it to 100 points.

I was approved in early January. Asked when it was going to ship. Admin said shipments would continue after site revisions. After waiting for weeks, I asked again. Admin said it was on its way. It's been several weeks since this happened and I've still got nothing.

Haven't seen Admin online for a couple weeks, and he ignored my PMs.

If this was just one, or two isolated events I would have nothing really to complain about. But this site has been poorly managed from the beginning. Countless scripting errors, several bum deals, and a few empty promises led me to warn those who were planning on going through with this site. Admin seems like a nice enough person, but sometimes I wonder if his customers are high enough on the priority list.


30-04-2006 19:48:55

Mr. Black is getting criticism from all sides. I wonder why we've not heard from him.