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25-04-2006 16:36:33

http//[" alt=""/imgf96035a38c] [bf96035a38c][url=]http//creating-a-forward-to-a-ref-link-is-a-no-no-nice-try[]http//creating-a-forward-to-a-ref-link-is-a-no-no-nice-try[/url][/bf96035a38c][img="f96035a38c]http//[" alt=""/imgf96035a38c]

[uf96035a38c]Gifts Offered[/uf96035a38c]

-Apple 30 GB iPod Video [color=redf96035a38c](6 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-30Gb Creative Zen Vision [color=redf96035a38c](7 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-4GB Ipod Nano [color=redf96035a38c](7 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-HP iPAQ hx2795 Pocket PC [color=redf96035a38c](12 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-Dell Axim X51 PDA [color=redf96035a38c](9 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-Toshiba D-R4 Multi-Drive DVD Recorder [color=redf96035a38c](6 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-Motorola RAZR V3c [color=redf96035a38c](9 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-Sharp Aquos LC-20B8US 20 [color=redf96035a38c](17 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-ViewSonic VA902B 19'' LCD Monitor [color=redf96035a38c](7 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-Xbox 360 Premium System [color=redf96035a38c](9 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-Sony PSP[color=redf96035a38c] (7 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-Archos AV500 (30GB) [color=redf96035a38c](6 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-Canon Powershot S80 [color=redf96035a38c](6 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-Sony DCR-DVD105 DVD Camcorder [color=redf96035a38c](13 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]
-$250 Cash/Visa Card [color=redf96035a38c](6 referrals)[/colorf96035a38c]


25-04-2006 16:43:35

[bddf7fe9683]Offers[/bddf7fe9683] (Some of these are instant, if the offer is instant it will tell you on the website)

-Columbia House
-AN Hosting
-Juve Miracle Cream
-The South Beach Diet
-Tickle Sex IQ Test
-Tickle IQ Test
-Tickle Zodiac Test
-Video Professor Homes
-Discover Platinum
-Bingo Cafe
-Host Gator
-Final Smoke
-iDish Network
-Excell - Energy Rocket
-Party Poker
-Robert G Allen
-Celladerm Acne Treatment
-Hydroderm Beverly Hills
-My Daily Dose
-Detective Sherlock
-Thompson Cigars
-Special offer--12 Cigar Case Sampler
-Body By Jake Carb Manager
-Poker Expert


25-04-2006 16:47:57

Nice design, but that's a referral link ya got there.


25-04-2006 16:53:29

Trying to pull the wool over our eyes, eh? I think you deserve a vacation for that.


25-04-2006 16:54:33

You beat me to it dmorris.


25-04-2006 16:56:46

I got yer back. ;)

unknown uchiha

25-04-2006 21:38:42

JW Why is the $300 iPod less refs than the $250 Nano?