Traxio anyone?

Live forum:


16-04-2006 23:30:10

Doesn't seem like people really know about traxio. Well they are legit, they have their own thread on a4f and they have proof pics. Games.traxio is a great site. You can get a custom order worth the value of $50 a ref. I just got a 360 racing wheel, a stand with a fan, and a rechargeable batter for 2 refs.

It is legit and I highly sugguest them. They have AIM live support online almost 24/7. Traxio Live Help is one and Traxio Wadson is the other.

unknown uchiha

17-04-2006 14:30:07

I believe this belongs in the Trading Post.


20-04-2006 11:25:26

Nah, new users don't have to follow that rule )


24-04-2006 01:16:09

I've considered starting them for the 2 GB RAM they have on the upgrades site, but are their offers reasonable? One person I was wanting to do a referral trade with said that otherwise full offers were considered half-credit offers on this network. He may be right, but from what I've heard that sounds similar to rewardbull.

Let me know so I can see when I can sign up for it.