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29-03-2006 13:32:24

anyone know how to get ahold of this person, the site is all of a sudden offline, after about 2 months of un asnwered support tickets and gift being approved since beginning of the year.


29-03-2006 15:45:18

...uh oh...


29-03-2006 15:53:57

...actually, i did a little research on them and looked some stuff up. this is who owns the site and who should be contacted about the site.

15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599

i can't get the name because it was registered by some proxy site. nonetheless, you should be able to use that phone #. good luck!


29-03-2006 16:09:50

thanks, Im gonna give it till april 1st when he was spose to ship things, I did a who is but only got all proxy info, thanks for the info

02-04-2006 17:33:38

15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States
(480) 624-2599

That is the address for domains by proxy, not the owner of the domain. Calling that number won't do anything.


09-04-2006 13:51:50

anyone know if theres anyway to get this persons contact info, would domain by proxy release the info?

09-04-2006 14:59:39

No, of course not. The only reason domains by proxy exists is because they won't release information.


09-06-2006 14:00:16

Been processing for 4 months, kept on getting the it will be shipped in 2 weeks, over and over and now gave up, Any ideas on what 2 do, I beleive I found his my space profile thing.


27-06-2006 12:42:51

still looking for help if anyone can provide any


27-06-2006 19:08:08

Just give up.

Out of curiosity, what's your prize?


28-06-2006 10:23:33

360 game, but the fact they kept on coming up with the exuses and exuses gets me going


07-07-2006 13:55:50

bump cause still looking for help


08-07-2006 22:08:26

Owners AIM is mazy9911


08-07-2006 22:57:16

Your not going to get a dime. He's a scammer.


08-07-2006 23:20:24

yourgift thanks big time for that screen name, i imed him about it right away said a week then i said I heard that 5 months ago and now no responce, dont know how far I wanan start goin off on this may wait till I sober up so I can argue better on it

freebiecash4fre I feel he is one but I hope I do, and try to get my casino credit sped up on instantprofitz been like a year lol

4 buck for a beer at a bar is a rip offfffffffffff


08-07-2006 23:31:22



08-07-2006 23:49:01



09-07-2006 09:11:55

WOW. Not his website eh...

He owes me things also.


09-07-2006 09:25:03



09-07-2006 09:40:31

I'll find out who his affiliates are.


09-07-2006 09:54:41

thanks, he owes u sometin, me sometin and im sure theres plenty more, at least if we can get his site down he cant do this to other people cause I dont see my gift ever getting sent out.


09-07-2006 18:27:55

go fully after him and prosecute for fraud.


10-07-2006 13:02:43



10-07-2006 13:03:51



10-07-2006 13:11:55



10-07-2006 13:22:43



15-07-2006 01:08:14

contact him at mazy9911 on AIM for help


15-07-2006 09:08:22

wow u found alot of info


15-07-2006 09:35:25

I think I'll call him today


15-07-2006 09:41:02

Nevermind (
I don't have his cell


15-07-2006 09:57:36

Im just more concerned about him closing his site so more people dont fall into this mess of not getting there gifts. I gave up on my gift just dont want more people getting into this and not getting there gifts


15-07-2006 11:42:29

surely, I bet we can do that


17-07-2006 15:52:05



17-07-2006 16:22:14

did anyone call?
oh, that link is sweet. start doing that stuff!
call his dad as well.


17-07-2006 17:18:29

me when will i get my gift
mazy9911 I don't know who you are, so I can't really answer
me is your site
mazy9911 I don't know, is it?
me ohh it is
me so when will i get my gift
mazy9911 yeah, see, not providing a name doesn't really help you there
me are you still sending out gifts?
mazy9911 maybe if I knew which user you were I could answer.
me if i give you my user name you can look me up in your database
mazy9911 expect me to send you something without having any information on you? interesting.
me well what do you need to find me in your database? Email, user name or what
mazy9911 really anything
mazy9911 e-mail or user ID work best
me give me a sec
mazy9911 That took a while
me my bad. im trying to play ghost recon at the same time
me do you have any other sites besides gaming madness
mazy9911 that e-mail address has never been registered
mazy9911 sorry

Well it was a fake email address but as you can see, this guy owns this site as he was able to check it out


17-07-2006 17:43:19

Just talked to mazy some more. You guys might be in luck so here.

Get in touch with SEGLDA for orders

ME huh who
mazy9911 Don't play dumb, I already saw that you posted this convo
ME who handles orders
mazy9911 seglda
ME i closed the window
mazy9911 his SN is seglda
ME ok thankyou
mazy9911 no problem
mazy9911 next time don't act like an idiot, okay?
ME hey man
ME im trying to help out some people
mazy9911 I know
mazy9911 but you went at this badly
mazy9911 Learn how to social engineer
mazy9911 anyway, the thing is a few months back a lot of money was cut because of fraud
mazy9911 and then the site was hacked
mazy9911 that's why it went down
mazy9911 Only recently have things gotten back to normal
ME can i make a suggestion
mazy9911 You can do whatever you want really
ME why not publicly post what you just told me
mazy9911 I've been really busy with a lot lately, but I will
mazy9911 I'm gonna e-mail everyone
ME who to aim, why your site was down, whats happening now
ME that would be the best bet because half the people on there are becoming rabid
mazy9911 haha
mazy9911 I noticed
mazy9911 Also, tell people not to call my house at 230 AM, it's annoying
mazy9911 Next time I'll press charges for harassment
ME you recieved calls at 230
ME aww man
mazy9911 yup
ME jesus
ME well i hope they stop
ME viscious bunch arnt they
mazy9911 Eh it was just one or two calls
ME well ill post what you told me and see where it goes
mazy9911 alright

Lets stop the haressment and see what happens.


17-07-2006 18:10:32

what happened when u talked to the other guy, and who had the balls to actually call, they want there gift bad lol but hey were getting somewhere as of right now lets hope for the best


17-07-2006 19:18:54

Ok guys, Heres the official word from them

"We are currently NOT doing orders out of the queue, as most of them are incorrect or impossible to do with the current money we have, if you completed the Earthlink offer after February 21st, we only can pay out 50% as our publisher only paid us 40% due to high amounts of fraud.. If you need help, either IM mazy9911 or seglda on AIM, thanks a lot, and sorry for all the waiting"

I personally just talked to seglda, and he was very helpful, he is trying to get the site back on track, after months of the troubles I personally had with them i talked to seglda for about an hour and got everything straignted out, seglda was hired during in feb but was then laid off in april, he told me he recently got hired back to straightnen everything out, he was hired back 4 days ago and look what has happened, there starting to straighten everything out, since he has been back my gift was just sent out, and to top it off shipped it overnight. Once again if you have any question i suggest contacting seglda.


18-07-2006 14:05:23

If any of you have any questions about GamingMadness, or why everything has taken so long, or anything like that, don't hesitate to contact me.

Also, as I said above, we're (at least I'm not) not doing orders out of the queue currently, so if you have an order that has NOT been shipped yet, your best chance is to IM me, I'm usually online so it should be easy to get ahold of me.

Do [i0e102dcf37]not[/i0e102dcf37] email me or try any of my accounts outside of AIM, I will not respond to you and it will be a waste of my time and yours.


18-07-2006 15:12:48

ok... i was the person to called, and I apologized and he accepted, and my gift has been shipped...this site is shaping out nicely...I will remove his information now from my post


18-07-2006 15:27:22

I would personally like to thank you guys who helped out with getting the contact info, the main problem most of us were having was not being able to communicate and find out the info, so Id like to thank the users who helped out and of course thanks goes to selgda for getting the ball rolling and getting this site going again, I am expecting my 360 games tommrow as he was good enough to get overnight shipping, bad part is coming same day as NCAA 2007 so it wont see the xbox 360 at all.


18-07-2006 15:38:12

I too am expecting my gift tommorow, a 2gb memory stick pro duo for my psp...I too appreciate everyones help and for (finally!) getting this going...Thanks guys! D


19-07-2006 22:07:08

Everybody who's orders have shipped should have their items by now..

If you could, post pictures!


20-07-2006 07:37:53

http/" alt=""/"132/8031/2gbsfl7.jpg[" alt=""/img9fd0bf8225]


22-07-2006 10:23:48

seglda when will you be putting those of us in processing into shipping?


24-07-2006 14:25:36

do you guys ship to canada?


25-07-2006 22:36:08

We will not be shipping orders in "Processing" unless you IM one of us. There are too many orders that are incorrect due to all of our Earthlink credits being halved.

Yes, we ship to Canada.


07-08-2006 16:48:22

has anyone else got their shit?


09-08-2006 10:27:39

Looks like I got lied to


01-09-2006 11:46:30

[quote869852c869="YourGiftsFree"]Looks like I got lied to[/quote869852c869]



30-11-2006 16:27:55

so seglda shipped my $200 amazon gift certificate and now when I try to use it, I find out that someone has already redeemed it........... WTF, this is unbelievable..