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23-03-2006 19:33:20

I didn't see this site posted so I thought I'de post it. I hope Its ok and Its a DIY site. They have lots of offers and the offers range from 1/2 to 3 bulls the bulls can be redeemed for paypal to buy the Ipod of your choice.
I'de be very greatful If you could sign up under me I get one bull when you get your first full bull. If you'de like to help please pm me for the link.

ipod shuffle 1 GB 4 bulls $100.
ipod mini 4 GB 5 bulls $160.
ipod nano 4 GB 6 bulls $220
Ipod video 30 GB 7 bulls $280
Ipod photo 40 GB 8 bulls $350.

[b51bb6fb285]1/2 Bull Offers[/b51bb6fb285]
20 Minute FaceLift
AOL Internet Access - 90 Day Risk Free Trial
Arctic White
AOL MusicNow - Free for 30 Days
Blockbuster DVD Rental
BMG Music Service
Brain Bullet AIM Fire Achieve
BurnFat 2
Cash Back For Shopping
Cheat and Eat
Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students - 5% Cash Back
Columbia House
Curb Your Cravings
White Over Nite - Teeth Whitening
True IQ
Video Professor
People PC
Poker Expert
Psychics 4 Free
Miracle Cream
NetFlix Online DVD Rental
OHT Peptide 3 Wrinkle Repair
Free Bidding
Instant CAST

[b51bb6fb285]1 Bull Offers[/b51bb6fb285]
Bingo Room Network
Comcast High Speed Internet
Dental Plans
Winning in the Cash Flow
Shell MaterCard from Citi
Packet8 Broadband Phone Service
PCS Source - Free Cell Phone

[b51bb6fb285]Other Bull Offers[/b51bb6fb285]
StartLogic - $1 Promotion - 2 bulls
iPowerWeb - 2 Bulls
Golden Palace Casino - 3 Bulls
EarthLink Dial Up - 1 and 1/2 Bulls
Blue Host - 2 Bulls
DISH Network by DishPronto - 2 Bulls


23-03-2006 19:50:41

Yes we're aware of RewardBull, it's been posted here for awhile.

And please be aware that posting a referral link on the forums here is a violation of FiPG forum rules and could possibly result in a ban. You might want to clean that up...


23-03-2006 20:10:18

Yeah, this has been around for months, huge debates and threads about it but if anything, this should be in the "Other Sites" forum, which is where I'm moving it to.

unknown uchiha

23-03-2006 20:57:19

I don't like the "bull system".

They "give more money to unreferred people" which is kinda sketchy. For instance

The New Year's $118 Earthlink Special

$30 upfront
+2 Bulls "worth $88"
Then "when you get 2 more bulls you cash out at $100"

So the other two bulls were worth $12?

That's the same as "Do any other 4 offers for $100"

Eh, that's why I didn't like Rewardbull, and it's the reason why I'm not doing it.


23-03-2006 21:13:25

Here's their initial post http//


24-03-2006 03:25:30

unknown uchiha Let me clear up some confusion. The $118 Promotion is 2 bulls + $30. Since, we are giving out $350 for 8 bulls; thus 2 bulls, are worth up to $88 ($350/4) USD. Most people from FIPG aim for 8 bull prize ($350 USD); therefore 2 bulls are worth around $88 to them. If you do a search on Brag Bag, you would see most of FIPG members indeed got the $350 prize, and the EarthLink offer did worth around $88 USD to them.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via AIM RBullSupport. We are looking forward to serving you. )