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22-03-2006 15:46:45

Hey, requesting approval on and one of my refs was bumped down from full credit to 1/2 credit. Its still 'requesting approval', however, does the free project admin/rep hang around here like jake from freepay? That site should have its own little section like freepay.


22-03-2006 17:10:01

Support ticket is the best way to get ahold of him, but you can also pm him on A4F. He's very helpful so I think you should be good. He just sent me $425 on Monday


22-03-2006 18:50:41

[quotea6e0adccd3="ragefu"]Support ticket is the best way to get ahold of him, but you can also pm him on A4F. He's very helpful so I think you should be good. He just sent me $425 on Monday[/quotea6e0adccd3]

congrats, i just went to "shipped" on Monday for my camera

A4F is the best place I have found to post and get answers to questions about TheFreeProject, my support tickets took awhile to get answered

Just make sure to find the right thread/ topic for TheFreeProject


22-03-2006 19:17:21

OK cool thanks guys.


23-03-2006 13:22:16

yeah, either way, they will help you out. they are pretty good about support.

but....on another The Free Project Topic...
is anybody having trouble getting into their site? i assume they are just updating or something, but i can't get any one of their pages to load


24-03-2006 00:33:24

Submit a support ticket so we can look into your account about credit issues.

Megotcash, what issues are you having getting into the site?


24-03-2006 17:44:38

Hey, now, I have only 3 greens. Two of my trades have been bumped down to half credit. Im guessing its not a glitch. I submitted a support ticket though. Maybe that'll sort things out.

Probably not.


24-03-2006 19:38:23

does anybody else have the offers page links all fucked up?

i put in a ticket on the handbag site but haven't heard back yet.

there are offers on there like the omaha, appera, xhobotol or something that don't even load, and multiple of a couple offers as well. is it just me or does the list need to be updated?


24-03-2006 21:09:43

The offer links and offers page look fine to me. Its getting credit for them thats the problem it seems. x Also, my support tickets arent being answered. Can the Mod or Rep from that site see this post and check it out for me? My e-mail is . Thanks


26-03-2006 00:01:15

are you sure the actual offer links are loading?

there are like 10 that say offer invalid, blah blah after i click on them.


28-03-2006 20:47:49

For FreeProject Fan boys, if I get two refs to get half credit, how come that doesnt count as one whole? Does it? I dont know.


29-03-2006 15:44:54

wait, what is the question? if you do 2 offers that are worth 1/2 credit, you will get FULL credit. is that what you wanted to know?


29-03-2006 15:50:34

I mean Ref A gets 1/2 credit
and Ref B gets 1/2 credit

Does that equal one green?