Halcyon Innovations - Thumbs Down For Now

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11-03-2006 15:16:54

The customer support is definitely spotty. They are quick to defend themselves, but if you ask why about receiving the old payment amount on AnyGiftCard4Free or ask about the many crediting issues, response is scarce. My TechGift4Free shows shipped but they are hadnling AnyGiftCard4Free terribly. I should have 5 more greens then I currently have and should be cashing out for $100 more than I will in the end because they drastically reduced their payout.

Be cautious when dealing with the sketchy network.


11-03-2006 15:32:34

dang...sounds like a rough trek with these guys. i haven't tried them, but probably won't now...


12-03-2006 14:12:29

If you want after you get paid you can use my banner, lol


13-03-2006 12:00:02

haha i love your banner it always there hahaha makes me laugh its cool how it scrolls what program u made it in ?


13-03-2006 15:20:11

[quote1da2cb16ca="tsanghan"]haha i love your banner it always there hahaha makes me laugh its cool how it scrolls what program u made it in ?[/quote1da2cb16ca]

lol, thanx, I had my graphics girl make it., so no idea.

PS Halcyon SUCKS


13-03-2006 17:12:09

I havent ever signed up for any of their sites, but they don't look the best and by FGR_Admin's record and the fact he hates them...that kinda sways my desition to stay the hell away from them.


18-03-2006 22:28:02

Darn. I really wanted to get something from their HouseWares4Free site.

Oh well.


04-04-2006 10:40:07

gigante... have you recieved anything from yet.. if so how long was the approval process? i sent in approval for giftcards on the first .. waiting for approval now


04-04-2006 10:59:27

I got a $30 amazon card from anygift4free

took about 45 days + to get manual credit though for my one and only referral


04-04-2006 11:35:33

anygift4free is a differnt site .. anygiftcard4free was the one i was referring to they just have giftcards and stuff on their site .. but haven't seen any proof of it .. and waitin on approval now.