Free4Me or Any Gift Network?

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05-03-2006 11:29:20

Hey everyone, I've been wanting to get a 30GB iPod Video, and I was looking at and -- I've read reviews of both sites, and everyone says they both ship fast and are great networks.

My question is, if you were going to sign up for only one for the iPod, which would you do? I've seen more posts about than, so I'm leaning towards them.

Let me know, and thanks!


05-03-2006 11:43:41

Personally I think they both suck. With that in mind I would go with freetech4me

Anygift has horrible crediting. You will do tons of offers and get NADA


05-03-2006 16:35:19

Thanks for the you have any recommendations on any other points sites that have the 30GB iPod Video?

Edit Rephrased my question to make more sense.


06-03-2006 17:40:36

fuck the anygift4 sites

they don't credit well. I had a ref do an offer, it didn't credit and I was told that they can't manual credit on most of the offers! what the fuck

I highly recommend free4me network though.


06-03-2006 17:46:44

I also highly recommend free4me also. Definitely stay away from the anygift4 sites.

unknown uchiha

07-03-2006 13:01:38

Free4Me Network, best customer service I've ever experienced. Super-fast crediting/approval times, and they ship weekly.


07-03-2006 13:07:02

[quotee07936688b="unknown uchiha"]Free4Me Network, best customer service I've ever experienced. Super-fast crediting/approval times, and they ship weekly.[/quotee07936688b]



14-03-2006 09:38:21

Free4Me network rocks - fast shipping - great CS - they are my new favorite freebie site!


24-03-2006 21:40:06

Sorry to here you guys have had problems with the AnyGift Sites, but I have done them all and never had faster crediting or better customer service from any other network.

The payout could be better, but otherwise I am very happy with them.


24-03-2006 22:08:08

Eh, I went with FreeTech4Me, and my iPod Video will be here this week D.

Crediting & support was amazing, I recommend FreeTech4Me over any other site ;).


26-03-2006 11:36:04

what are the ref requirements for FreeGadgets4Me and how many offer will I need to complete?

unknown uchiha

26-03-2006 17:07:01

Gadgets used to be an OOD site when I did it for a PSP, now I believe it's regular small-network requirements.


27-03-2006 18:37:42

mlwitchking I recommend doing FreeTech4Me instead, it's a points site, so you don't have to get any refs, and you can order as many times as you'd like.


11-04-2006 03:03:19

Free4me is the one of the best. )


16-04-2006 12:02:43

I just started and in literally less than 15 minutes, I received 440 points and now Im going for the ipod video. I have about 300 more that havent been credited yet because its Sunday, but Im very optimistic about this site. Just doing two instant free trial offers, I already can get a DS game or 2 CDs of my choice and a whole lotta other stuff.


16-04-2006 17:06:14

I've never had a problem with the AnyGift sites, and I've done 2, 3, 4, and 5.