Free 60gb Video Ipod- No surveys or offers to complete!!!

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28-02-2006 18:47:27

There's this great site where you can get a 60gb or ipod nano or mini or video gaming systems really cheap! It's not a scam trust me, my friend just received hers in the mail. Here's how it works. You have to first buy their cell phone reception boosters, which are great, they work inside buildings where reception is hard to get, even in parts of your school where you get none. Then they put you on a waiting list. When enough people have bought the boosters they send you your ipod. Thatís how they can afford to pay for it. You don't have to wait a long time either to get it. You can get it in a week if you do what they ask. Or you can choose to take the same amount of money that the item is worth. Itís your choice. Most people choose the money. It's really easy, but if you don't believe me go to their site and just read the FAQ page and check the rest of it out. They're legit. Here's the link.