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25-02-2006 15:24:26

not going to lie, they have ToS that is very broad, fits almost entirely on a grey area, and they will reverse your points for very shadey reasons. They also appear to have very limited knowledge of how networks or the internet work.


25-02-2006 16:25:21

so, you reason for posting is....????


25-02-2006 16:59:52

well, it's my comments about the site. am i wrong into saying that's what this part of the forums are for? but regardless, the issue was resolved, hehe, i made them change their ToS and got everything credited back to me anyway.

received this email from them

Your account has been restored, and our Terms of Service edited.

Any Gift Network

for what it's worth, they have a VERY fast response time and now that this is solved, i hope to use the site a lot for point based referrals. so any admin that see this can delete the topic if they wish