Yippee!!!!! TheFreeProject Info

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23-02-2006 13:58:00

I am mainly posting this because of the common curiotisy for thefreeproject.com. I recently completed the offers and refs for the free video ipod...and here is how much time it took.

I asked for verification on 1/31/06
Ibecame verified on 2/2/06 (only 2 days!)
My status chaged to shipped on 2/20/06 (18 days/ 13 business days)
and I received it today! 2/23/06 (3 business days)

Other tidbits of info---->
The Ship via UPS, but that is mainly becuase they purchased the item from PCMall.

They did engrave my ipod to say THEFREEPROJECT.COM on the back...but I don't mind so much due to the fact that I already have a case for it.

nonetheless, rest be assured with the free project and their offers. fairly easy to complete, and one of the stronger little freebie companies. thanks!


23-02-2006 18:34:36

shit I have been waiting since the 6th to goto shipped on my cameras.thefreeproject.com site

what gives?


23-02-2006 21:36:09

well...that isn't too bad. 17 days so far (ummm, less in business days). you should go to shipped soon.


23-02-2006 23:32:53

[quote1cd7370def="megotcash"]well...that isn't too bad. [b1cd7370def]17[/size1cd7370def] [/b1cd7370def]days ([b1cd7370def]processing[/b1cd7370def])so far (ummm, less in business days). you should go to shipped soon.[/quote1cd7370def]