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16-02-2006 14:49:14

Wondering. I saw their name mentioned in A4F so I wanna know.


16-02-2006 15:57:48

Looks like it's based in the UK/EU region, and it looks a tad scammish.


16-02-2006 16:07:18

They're referral amounts are right on with Trainn, but when you go international I see problems.


16-02-2006 19:38:32

A4f says its legit and people have gotten their stuff from them


19-02-2006 19:18:53

crediting is horrible. I did 2 offers, and referred 5 of my friends who each did an offer.

So far 20 days later only 1 friend is green. Im not cry


06-03-2006 21:32:35

well to get a 5000 dollar freebie you have to refer 100 friends, i would say that is totally impossible, actually how about everyone sign up under me and we see if it is legit haha wink


20-03-2006 13:20:59

i think it is run by the same people as
and I know they are legit. I got my 30gig video ipod from them and am also getting a xbox360 hopefully. So I think they are legit if it is run by the same people.
I had about 10 people sign up under me on during a 2 week period at different times and they all got credited on the exact same day for doing different offers. I guess they just update everyones credit at the same time on certain days.
But I love the site because of the 3free feature