, legit?

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Red Snapper

15-02-2006 20:16:30

I'm in the middle of a swap and cant seem to get credit. I have 2 support tickets open and a missing credit request and noooooooo replies in 6 days. The site looks very bad and graphics dont load. Now my +17 trade status at refswap is in jepordy as the swapper is getting very ansy and allready deeming me as a scammer?

Let me know your experiences with this site please!!!


16-02-2006 14:03:24

yeah...the site doesn't look that grand. i wouldn't have trusted it in the first place. other experience is the fact that when you are trying to click the support link, there isn't page. also, on the referal spam page, the script is like incomplete or something. i didn't take a lot of time to look at it...but i have no intentions of helping them out.

i dunno, but i wouldn't trust 'em. i haven't even heard of 'em.