Does Free work?

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23-01-2006 13:02:26

I really want a new guitar, my current one is just awful, and I've gotten much better over the last few years.

So the big questions is legit? I'm pretty sure it's not freepay, so I don't know if it actually works.



23-01-2006 13:55:55

hm, unsure i have never heard of it. you could just do a diy site for a visa card and go by yourself any type of guitar you wanted. look in the diy sites forum to see if there is anything you want. they have cards up to $1000 for 6 offers which can be done under $40 i hear. anyways good luck.


23-01-2006 15:33:18

Its a scam


23-01-2006 16:06:23

[quote42e5e2d6dc="ragefu"]Its a scam[/quote42e5e2d6dc]

dang, I was actually hoping this one would work....I guess I'll have to find like a cash offer or something of the sort.

Thanks skillet2003.


23-01-2006 17:26:06

why don't you try everyfreegift, they have a $1000 visa gift card for 6 offers, they can be done quickly and cheaply, however you have to wait a few months to get the reward, but its cheap. They do have other sites like rewardsvenue that you get it faster but they will cost you 3 or 4 times as much as slower ones. its your choice, personally i don't mind waiting, i'm working on a 42'' plasma. woohoo!