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21-01-2006 17:06:42
Does anyone have any experience with this site?

I signed up for it a few hours ago and did enough offers to get the Shure e2c's.


21-01-2006 17:20:52

Hmm... Guess not.
Hello. This site is not currently active. I'm not sure why the links were still working. I think you can find several sites online that are point-based instead of referral-based in search engines. Good luck.

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From Pamela Ocampo
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Sent Saturday, January 21, 2006 453 PM
Subject freeiGear

Hey, I was wondering if your website, freeiGear, was still active. I signed up about an hour ago and did enough offers to accumulate 4000 points. I'm going for the Shure e2c's. I just want to know if I'll get credit for these offers and if I'll actually get the earbuds.

Please, please, tell me it's still active. I've been looking left and right for websites offering these headphones and I didn't really want to bother with asking 5 friends to get a $99 pair of earbuds.



21-01-2006 17:33:43

I'm willing to bet that he was banking on people doing that.


21-01-2006 17:44:35

Heh, probably.

[quote455729bf30]I'm not really sure how you found the website. There is no more advertising for the site, it is just online for people who are interested in buying it can see it in action.
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From Pamela Ocampo
Sent Saturday, January 21, 2006 816 PM
Subject Re freeiGear

Ughhh! Why me?
If it's not active, why is it still online?
Is there anyway I can get any sort of compensation for doing all of those offers?[/quote455729bf30]


21-01-2006 18:05:56

He's definitely just collecting checks and praying on those who don't check its legitimacy first.


21-01-2006 22:15:58

Yeah, what an ass. Wish I could get my hand on 'em, heh.


22-01-2006 07:34:28

Heh, be my guest. D
[quote3b69c1c171]Graham, Erich
eBrookey Internet
2508 Worcester
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48323
248-626-8607 [/quote3b69c1c171]


22-01-2006 09:14:59

Too far away.


22-01-2006 12:01:40

Same. Wish I lived near there.


22-01-2006 12:05:59

Oops.... I accidentally emailed his advertising companies letting them know he's fraud.

Oops.... I have very good relationships with high-up people at those companies.

Oops.... looks like someone's losing their money.


22-01-2006 12:07:54

[quote0e6eaa99ec]Hey. Two of your offers came back as complete. I will credit more if they come back, and if you get enough points, I will ship you your item. After you order there is a 1 1/2 month processing period before we ship to you your item because we must wait to receive our commission money from your transactions.

Hmm, I hope the rest go through.