freeipodfrenzy shut down - scammed by another site!

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05-12-2005 18:44:04

DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT!! I hav been in approval stage for far too long, shouldf have known it was coming. What a waste of time. This is from their site

Third party contract violations have precluded us from launching the new site design. Due to these obstacles, is no longer cost effective for us to maintain. We are currently exploring other avenues of online product placement.

Unfortunately, the closure of is immediate and permanent in order for us to pursue other business goals. We apologize for any inconvenience. We would like to extend our gratitude to those who sampled


The Free Frenzy Network Team


05-12-2005 20:28:25

Holy shit!

I was glad to be one of the only people who got in on the first two shipments.

Like going outside just before your house is struck by lightning. shock


05-12-2005 20:39:42

[quote0e4e3e55d0]The developer of Free Frenzy's new script has bailed and ripped off Free Frenzy plus two other site owners who had also invested in the proprietary script. They each paid $833 and lost it when the programmer ripped them off.

Unfortunately, the loss was too much for Free Frenzy. I don't represent them or anything but I hope this puts it into perspective at least a little bit. Two other site owners also suffered this loss but they have enough funds to continue. They can reveal themselves if they wish.[/quote0e4e3e55d0]


10-12-2005 04:10:59



10-12-2005 09:25:19

$833? That's ALL. Doesn't anyone go into these things with capital?