New Free Gas Card Site! Paying For Referrals

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06-11-2005 13:55:40

I will pay you $10 if you sign up and complete and offer so I can get my gas card. Get Your Own Gas Card TOO!! Or $100 paypal Cash!

<a href=http// roll >Free Gas Cards and Paypal Cash!</a>

http// roll

email= me at me at for any questions or after you signed up and completed the process to get paid!


06-11-2005 14:41:03


Good luck with that.


06-11-2005 15:04:24

HTML is disabled on this board, so we can't click on your referral link!!!! hurry and fix it, so we can signup under you!!!


06-11-2005 16:15:37

http//[" alt=""/imgdf627c3ff9]

(See OP's email address)


06-11-2005 17:25:41

[quotefc5dd46009="KeithA"]http//[" alt=""/imgfc5dd46009]

(See OP's email address)[/quotefc5dd46009]

haha, that has to be a mod edit lol


06-11-2005 17:30:52

No ban since his other posts had some kind of content in them.

Warning and a lock though.