earnfreegamingsystems rasing ref requirements

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05-11-2005 18:14:52

In case anyone who is doing the site hasnt noticed the number of ref's for $250 paypal has been up'ed from 5 to 6...I was waiting on my 5th green when this happend (


06-11-2005 11:02:47

Only if they credited my damn offer faster...


21-11-2005 10:38:33

Site seams to be down now.


30-11-2005 13:25:21

that site sucks ass, never got credit for red blossom........they wouldnt give me manual credit with confirmation emails and order numbers.


15-04-2006 14:28:14

oh dont tell me they wont give credit manually with evidence. they are not crediting me for longevity and it has been a week