Plasma TV Rundown, Let me know what you guys think...

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28-10-2005 21:40:30

OK, here's the deal, I want a Plasma TV, i mean, come on, who doesn't? BuT I want it bad, and before college next year, cause i mean, who wouldn't want a 42" Plasma for their dorm room? anyways, i've been looking around at the sites that you complete offers for your self, I have found one where it was posted in the brag section proven legit.. here's the list of what I have

RewardsVenue-- Proven Legit, Must Complete 9 offers, Will Cost between 200 and 300 dollars

EveryFreeGift-- Proven Legit, someone got a Sony 30" Widescreen, but not the plasma, they offer tons of stuff. Must complete 6 offers, very easy to complete from the looks, I think I can do it for less than 70, and 37 of that is an InkCartriage that I will need sometime and would pay more for... i just dont understand how it takes the same # of offers and stuff for the 42" Plasma as it does for a 30" Widescreen... I read at a different site someone completed the plasma and got a $2500 check instead... i guess i could live with that ;)

Everyfreegift has a few sister sites, internetopiniongroup which has a 12" Ibook that i will try for, and Bigwin which has a few crazy prizes, like a pool table, message chair, and even a 50cc Scooter... and also anyfreegift, which has gaming systems listed, but has only sent checks for the amount of the system, 2 offers to complete yourself for $150 not bad...

Also found one from plasma.onlinerewardcenter but dont know anything about this site.. anyone know anything? its one that ask for your zip code and says were accecpting applicants from your town or somethin like that...

What have you guys heard about any of these?

I want my plasma and want the easiest way to get it, i'll probably do the on that takes 6 offers, because the offers are so easy, and if I don't get it, i'm out $70? or maybe I can take it further than that... anyways, whats the best?

I'm sure there are more sites out there that I missed, so name them!

I am having problems with all of these verifying my email address, I cannot get an email from them, I have tried my, my, and my, and none of them have been able to get it from any of these sites, what is my problem???


30-10-2005 21:10:37

Rewards venue is the best. you'll get the TV in about 2 months if you're dilligent. However, they do make you report the TV and count it as income, so depending on your tax status, you could pay as much as 1/3 of the TV cost in taxes...


30-10-2005 23:04:07

I like bigwin, I'm doing the scooter right now, and no problems as of yet. I basically have credit for 7 of my offers, waiting for the last three to clear. I don't know if they have a plasma, but they do have some gifts that are worth that much.


31-10-2005 11:25:21

I am doing Evenmore4free right now, and for 20 refs, i will be getting a very nice Panasonic 42" Plasma custom order. They also have the Dell plasma for 32 refs. But only casino offers, so harder to get refs.

i am also doing the rewards venue, but will probably choose a different item. I have 4/9 offers done now.

If you want a good TV, do some research on which ones are the best. Most of the ones offered on free sites are the commercial models without stands and tuners, and some inputs.


31-10-2005 11:32:54

hey worcester, the rewards venue works if you just use our highschool email address. Has anyone actually got the plasma or not from these free sites?


31-10-2005 12:14:51

Check the brag forum for pics of the plasma from rewardsvenue