Free Ipod Video- Check this out- really works

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26-10-2005 11:10:05

This is the best kind of brand new video iPod you can get - a free one! It's based on one of those referral programs where you try out a service, like, People magazine, Columbia House, etc. then get a couple of friends to do the same. (I'd recommend signing up for Video Professor, it's only $7 and you can get a refund after you receive it anyway) Yes, the company Transcendent - will actually send you a free VIDEO iPod if you do this. Take a good look at the website. Please do some research on this company and you'll see they are very legit. They've been featured on CNN, NPR, among others. They get paid by the services (again, Video Professor, etc) when you sign up, so that's how they're able to give away electronic toys and keep a little change for themselves.


26-10-2005 12:37:02

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