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21-10-2005 21:30:12

i did a search and nothing came up

is this legit?

if so theres an offer that just asks you to complete 5 surveys which dont require a credit card.

Darth Bittner

22-10-2005 09:00:23

Stated in their terms

[quote4b2ca5706e] You may only sign up for offers with intention to use them in the future, [b4b2ca5706e]without canceling out before the renewal date[/b4b2ca5706e][/quote4b2ca5706e]

That's the only thing keeping me from pursuing this site.


22-10-2005 09:10:44

I'm pretty sure most sites have something like that.


22-10-2005 10:15:40

If it is a real site, i would be wary. The plams they have on their, doesn't have a brand name, or any details even. And if that is the real picture, i would bet it is a shitty commercial TV, without many hookups, a tuner, or speakers.


30-10-2005 23:31:18

I don't know anything about this site, but does anyone else have any info....
It says you can cashout whenever you want, I wonder how much per ref then. Also, anyone know what the offers are, just normal ones?