Processing on TheFreeProject BEFORE/AFTER the move..still..

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18-10-2005 21:03:22

I know is shutting down or moving or whatever but when the message was placed about the move on the site i Submitted my account for Processing and now iv been Processing for over a week now. When does Paypal go out?


18-10-2005 23:26:31

I would say two weeks from now or so. I was processing since beginning of september, and still am. We will get it though. beginning of November I would say.


19-10-2005 17:02:09


The next shipment is going out early November.

On 10/13/05, lilililililililili <> wrote
> When is the next Black 2gb iPod Nano shipment going to be?

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22-10-2005 21:19:25

i sent in for approval on the 19th for u think i will get my paypal then too?


22-10-2005 21:53:21

we were reffering to, not


23-10-2005 06:57:40

[quote6de7191a0e="Daggoth"]we were reffering to, not[/quote6de7191a0e]

Oo...Its the same network so thats y i asked


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