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07-10-2005 15:26:05

I did the [u852b8c9068]C[/u852b8c9068]onnections [u852b8c9068]a[/u852b8c9068][u852b8c9068]n[/u852b8c9068]d Simply You offers (same [u852b8c9068]c[/u852b8c9068]ompany offer) and just a heads up that th[u852b8c9068]e[/u852b8c9068]y'l[u852b8c9068]l[/u852b8c9068] be [i852b8c9068]extremely[/i852b8c9068] pushy when it comes to licoughliing. They're basically at the same level as AOL when it comes to that point. They got a laundry list of shit they have to go with you through until I hit the boiling point and cut him/her off.


07-10-2005 15:54:05

Okay, I'll reember that.

BTW My first AOL Rep was awful and very impatient. The second one I got when I called back was very nice.