Anyone know how to get in touch with Logitech4free?

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04-10-2005 10:44:41

They screwed me out of 2 referals for starters so I selected a 1 referal gift (some stupid mouse) they approved my account and shipped it in their last batch. Checked the tracking number and they shipped it to someone in freakin Texas...I live in MICHIGAN. Last email I got from them was a month ago, anyone know how to get ahold of them? evil


04-10-2005 10:53:57


04-10-2005 11:00:52

heh. i live in texas... and got the one ref mouse. is it a red mx510? i only got one ref though. what was the tracking number?


04-10-2005 11:01:01

Ya, thats the email addy I have....I've sent them a email a day for the last week now....


04-10-2005 11:09:16

It was supposed to be a BLUE MX510...542967810000488 fedex tracking.


04-10-2005 11:25:40

o nevermind. that place is a ways away from where i live.


05-10-2005 11:15:10

Finally got a response out of them, apparently they shipped 2 items to that person. They said they contacted him and told him to ship it back immediatly (ya like that'll happen), and now I'm getting a used mouse, not a new one.


05-10-2005 15:48:13

lol i can send u a sweet mouse from my windows 95 cpu the ball barely moves its great. who needs laser wireless mouses when u can have corded track ball ones that dont roll


06-11-2005 17:50:58