New Network with Gas Cards and Nanos

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28-09-2005 11:19:14

Stumbled upon North Bay Network

the 2 sites

Just figured I would let everyone know


28-09-2005 12:19:00

are they legitimate ?


28-09-2005 14:07:28

The nanos site looks like a good deal if its legit, but the gas cards site is a fixed price of 25 per ref, not much room for profit


29-09-2005 12:00:09

looks good but i want someone to verfity they have done that site and gotten there item requested


29-09-2005 14:41:11

this site has to be a scam.

their old name is ipodnanos[b2aab9c6f72]GRATIS[/b2aab9c6f72].com

AND, they have a link to their testimonials page, but it doesn't go anywhere.


29-09-2005 17:14:09

[quote41fc57abce="ragefu"]but the gas cards site is a fixed price of 25 per ref, not much room for profit[/quote41fc57abce]

Each refferal pays the company about $30. What you forget, is that you have to complete an offer too )
That puts them about $35 ahead for each )


01-10-2005 20:57:25

The link to the Testimonials page goes nowhere probably because hardly anybody has signed up yet, thus it's likely that nobody's gotten an item yet.


02-10-2005 18:10:25

Keep in mind that Gratis translates to the word free and that it wasn't trademarked. Keep in mind they changed it (which i would say shows a sign of respect). Yes, it shouldn't have been that in the first place, but at least they changed it. The owner now posts on A4F.


02-10-2005 19:17:27

yeah "free" in spanish is "gratis".


02-10-2005 19:35:55

gas cars, thats a thought, lol


07-10-2005 14:59:34

Hey guys! My name is Cal Nilles, I'm the owner of Free Now Network (formerly North Bay Network). We've been working hard and recently updated our network with THREE new sites! Free flatscreens, xbox360 packages and even PAYPAL cash payments!

I know the gratis domain caused some problems but it was never our intention. Gratis is a synonym for FREE which is why I chose it, at the time I didn't even consider Freepay (FORMERYLY gratis) or think people would NOT know it meant free when used in context.

Please ask any questions you might have here! Oh yes, the testimonials page on is up but the others will have to wait until I get the testimonials! No reason to have a blank page;)



07-10-2005 15:49:14

Any chance of more/different offers popping up in the future?


16-10-2005 17:58:18

lots more offers now AND new sites


16-10-2005 18:46:23

yep, look at my sig, if you're interested in their new iPodnano/video site D

I'm excited...this new network looks legit!


18-10-2005 14:46:04

[b5e925a5b37]Cnilles[/b5e925a5b37], I'm nearly finished for'm just wondering how long do you think it would take to get a 60gig video (white)?

Btw, awesome network + killer credit times (literally only took minutes to see my ref's greens)!


20-10-2005 17:44:41

I hope its legit! I've got enough for the nano i wanted!