FreeProject next shipment?

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25-09-2005 13:17:47

I completed freeproject, got approved, did an extra offer, file a support ticket to let them know I did the extra offer.

[quote6dc9d5a6c2]On 9/23/2005 343 PM, you said
Completed extra offer
Hi, I was told by an Admin that if I complete an extra offer, I would be moved up to the top of the shipping list. I have just completed Zovaset, will I get move up? Would it be possible for me to make the october shipment? Thank You.

On 9/25/2005 111 PM, an admin said
You've been moved to the front of the shipping line.

On 9/25/2005 111 PM, an admin said
You will go out with the next shipment[/quote6dc9d5a6c2]

Now, when is the next shipment?


25-09-2005 13:22:04

Hmmm, I PMed TheFreeProject on A4F forum and he told me next shipment is October, anyone knows when they usually ship? Is it in the begining, middle, or the end of the month?


25-09-2005 13:34:06

im guessing october 15th

remember when I called you a sucker for doing an extra offer P


25-09-2005 14:42:37


their support says "early october", guessing that's around mid october.

at least the extra offer got me onto this shipment!


25-09-2005 15:40:25

early september for me was the 15th