= legit?

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24-09-2005 15:10:39

my friend says just gotta fill out a survey and do 2 offers and will give me a free gift. but i think theres a catch, like offers of doom and stuff.


24-09-2005 15:52:49

Offers of doom? Hahah, ha.


26-09-2005 19:05:09

Your friend is wrong. ( You have to complete a total of 6 offers (2 offers per page with 3 pages to do), and that's for a Moto ROKR phone. Some rewards require 9+ offers to be completed (iPods). Some offers are pretty decent though, like the 14-day free trial of RealRhapsody and free trial of AOL. I didn't complete any of them though, 1 offer and 5 refs from FreePay is a good good enough deal for me. )