getipod4free gifts going out soon EDIT: GONE STV!!!

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22-09-2005 14:08:43

i am order #84 and i just got this email

[quote80ada32e61]Hi Trace,
We are about to order your Visa Gift Card. When placing the order, your phone number is required (it will be used for activation). Can you please provide us with your home phone number? (We will not use it for any other purpose than to fulfill this order)

Please respond by 9/24/05.

GetiPod4Free Support[/quote80ada32e61]

looks like its coming soon )

EDIT i just checked and went STV!

Sent to vendor, waiting on product. (1) ($190 Visa Gift Card) 8/9/2005 349 PM


22-09-2005 18:52:31

Don't reply, and have the last laugh by sending them an email after the date saying "now you know what it feels like"
Or not...


22-09-2005 19:11:23

lol that would be funny but... I AM SO SICK OF WAITING. i ordered on the 9th of august.


27-09-2005 14:42:13

Hopefully I get STV soon as well.