*NewiPods4Free.com* Official Launch! (AllThis4Free Network)

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16-09-2005 04:13:13


Today marks the official launch of the AllThis4Free Network! Our network sites include [b86a10f9a99]AllThis4Free.com[=http//www.allthis4free.com]AllThis4Free.com[/b86a10f9a99], [b86a10f9a99]EvenMore4Free.com[=http//www.evenmore4free.com]EvenMore4Free.com[/b86a10f9a99] and [b86a10f9a99]NewiPods4Free.com[=http//www.newipods4free.com]NewiPods4Free.com[/b86a10f9a99].
Over the past 6 months, AllThis4Free has emerged as a leader in the industry, shipping over $30,000 worth of gifts to a userbase of thousands. Your support has allowed us to expand our operations, and we're thrilled to be holding an exciting promotional event to celebrate. We're giving away 30 Gameboy Micros and 30 iPod Shuffles to celebrate the new sites! More details can be found here[=http//www.allthis4free.com]here.

Here is a list of the rewards you'll find at NewiPods4Free
1GB iPod Shuffle - 2 Referrals
4GB iPod Nano - 3 Referrals
20GB iPod Color - 4 Referrals
60GB iPod Color - 6 Referrals
$75 iTunes Gift Certificate - 1 Referral
iPod Accessories Package - 2 Referrals
Shure E3c Headphones - 2 Referrals
Bose iPod Sound Dock - 4 Referrals

All the offers found on the AllThis4Free Network[=http//www.allthis4free.com]AllThis4Free Network are online poker sites, casinos, and bingo sites (you must be 18+). Unlike other low-ref sites, instead of having offers that cost a lot of money, these offers should actually statistically earn you cash.

This is because casinos are giving away tons of money in signup bonuses to get people to play. With a house advantage of less than 1%, this bonus money puts you at a huge statistical advantage over the house.

You can deposit with a credit card, or you can create a http//www.neteller.com[]http//www.neteller.com account, which is a paypal-type service that works with these casinos.


16-09-2005 06:55:39

Great site... US & CAN may sign up...


16-09-2005 12:47:50

"$30,000 worth of gifts to a userbase of thousands"

so assuming $150 per gift (which is a very conservative estimate), thats 200 gifts to a userbase of thousands. sounds tempting...