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14-09-2005 15:07:56

This site is a litle different than everything else it is email based andyo u get one per day and each one you read you get a credit but if you refer someone you get a credit and the offer section for credits will be back in less than a week it is amazigng it just opened about two months ago and iin about two months a lot or people are going to get their laptops and then support team is great they get back to the same day


14-09-2005 15:08:45

use some commas damnit.


14-09-2005 15:09:15

lol sorry


14-09-2005 15:09:27

oh, and no thanks.


14-09-2005 15:12:15

y? this is my site i cam the co-founder


14-09-2005 15:45:32

[quotea2b1582e26="alat115"]y? this is my site i cam the co-founder[/quotea2b1582e26]



14-09-2005 16:35:19

That webpage is by far the most confusing one I've been to. I can't imagine how hard it is to get something out of the site when it's so hard to understand the guy who made it.


14-09-2005 16:37:27

Alat, are you sure you passed 5th grade English class? You can't type worth shit.


14-09-2005 17:34:00

haha. sounds like that used to give points for emails. total scam.


14-09-2005 17:54:10

[quote8cdd4c8bbc="silentvixen"]haha. sounds like that used to give points for emails. total scam.[/quote8cdd4c8bbc]

yah i had an account there and cashed out for one and never got it, i always thought of taking them to court but it didnt seem worth it.


14-09-2005 18:12:35

heh, that's what I thought, that site is damn populated with text and no gfx! bad design...


14-09-2005 20:03:38

[quote30e22c75c5=""]And all you have to do buy some ebooks and then read some emails![/quote30e22c75c5]

[b30e22c75c5]I wonder who wrote that?[/b30e22c75c5] roll

[i30e22c75c5]and then..[/i30e22c75c5]