New Site,, Conga!

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05-09-2005 15:15:38

Ok, I know that I'm not a normal user here, but since A4F is down I guess I'll just post this here.
I have been talking to the owner for months, which is as long as hes been working on this site, 3 months. The site has only been live for a few minutes so I figured nobody has posted a link. Toodles and Conga please!

EDIT I'm a proven legit trader on a4f, g0g and refswap!


05-09-2005 15:29:14

no referrals


05-09-2005 16:42:04

please read the rules..NO REF LINKS and WE DON'T DO CONGAS HERE.

next time you WILL be BANNED!


05-09-2005 16:54:13

Sounds good, chill out.


05-09-2005 18:17:21

sounds good, read the rules. wink