When does getipod4free ship?

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05-09-2005 10:44:41

I'm almost done with getipod4free. Does anyone know when it ships everything out? It sounds like they take a while to ship...

Also, does anyone know if they're still offering the 30GB iPod as an option?


05-09-2005 10:46:55

depends on your order number, i am hearing november now


05-09-2005 10:50:21

Damnit. I hope not.


05-09-2005 14:40:13

im order 84. hopefully i will get mine in september or october


05-09-2005 16:49:40

Why does it take them so long?


05-09-2005 17:07:21

i heard they are now in the 100's

they are a small company start up. most small ones dont' make any money


05-09-2005 19:41:22

30 gig Ipod is STILL an option, but I highly reccommend going for 1 more green and going for the 60 gig.. (I think thats the amount of refs needed).

Anyways, you will probably end up waiting a bit until they find a 30 gig Ipod for you.

Good luck!


06-09-2005 13:28:42

I'm order 68, and have been processing since 8/2/05 ( Oh well it's just a ipod dock so no biggie really.


09-09-2005 20:54:38

Anyone know what order number they're up to?
And how to find out what order number someone is?


09-09-2005 22:45:47

i think 64 is what they got up to last. i wish i would hurry up and get my damn $190 gift card.


10-09-2005 12:30:22

Look at the thread I made..