What is Blingo?

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28-08-2005 10:02:25

I was wondering what blingo was and how it works, and if anyone has gotten anything from it?


28-08-2005 10:25:09

Blingo is a site where you search and you can randomly win prizes if you search at a specific moment. There's a certain prize list every month. This month it's
Sony PlayStation Portable
Apple iPod
A Year of Blockbuster
Visa Gift Card
Movie Ticket

I hear most people are winning movie tickets. But the others are still possible. If you refer people and they win, you get the prize as well.

So if you wanna sign up for it pm me so I can give you my link 8)


02-04-2006 19:01:06

thanks i was wondering the same


12-04-2006 12:55:09

I won a $25 gift card through them the second day I signed up. Very easy - you just use it instead of Google. It is completely free, I received my gift card about 2 weeks after I won. Likewise, pm me if you want my link.