iPod photo 60 Go 40$

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23-08-2005 03:21:49

Hi all !

Ok it's not totally free but it's working !
On http//www.get-gifts-for-free.com[=http//www.get-gifts-for-free.com/?ILICKROCKS]http//www.get-gifts-for-free.com you just have to pay 40$ to get an iPod photo.

If you want more informations you can post reply and I will answer.



23-08-2005 03:44:52

dude, why the hell would i want to do a damn pyramid scam?

admin, ban this guy for being a moron (and for the ref link)


23-08-2005 04:07:01

wats a pyramid scam?


23-08-2005 04:36:53

I'm sorry but this is not a pyramid scam as you don't have to refer people in order to get your gift.
Don't do it if you don't want to !



23-08-2005 07:10:21

there is still the ref link situation

oooh it's hidden i forgot wink


23-08-2005 12:31:29

im pretty sure its a pyramid scam.

you pay the site to get in the list, and when enough new people join, the person at the top of the list gets the item, and this goes on and on as more people join.


18-10-2005 15:07:09

I would have to agree on the pyramid scam.

For the FREE iPod Photo 60GB

Accord to the info it takes 33 people to sign up all paying 40 dollars each for them to send out a free ipod.

So if you do the math, that is 1320 collected to send out an ipod. Man I think I am in the wrong damn business!

IMO its a bad deal!