18+ Pornandprizes.com

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18-08-2005 11:34:07

We offer adult related prizes, like the ever so popular fleshlight, among other things like itune gift cards, and ipod mini's. You must be 18 years of age to complete offers, as their all adult related. If you have any questions, let me know.


18-08-2005 12:20:50

thats um...weird, lol. although i could use a playboy subscription lol


18-08-2005 12:25:25

offer paypal D


18-08-2005 13:02:37

Do you have a Gaypal option?


18-08-2005 21:33:01

If thats what you guys want, no problemo. Will be up tonight


18-08-2005 23:14:10

lol, pornandprizes... what will they think of next.


19-08-2005 00:12:51

LMAO catchy website name lol



19-08-2005 15:21:02

Offer other stuff, like Ipod Colors


19-08-2005 15:21:50

ipod mini is 8 referrals!! holy shit. bad deal.

I suggest making the mini 4 referrals like all other sites and having a regular IPod for 5 refs

oh and by the way, this makes no sense

1 refs for a $30 gift card to amazon
2 refs for a $50 paypal payment

shouldnt it be at least $60 paypal?


19-08-2005 15:26:45

also, sorry for the multiple posts but!

The offers suck. Can't you add on some other offers?

See offersweb.com P


19-08-2005 20:18:12

My site mainly deals with porn surfers, so it's like a different ballgame. I offer porn because it's something people actually pay for anyway. Unlike most offers that people are signing up for here, just to cancel it for the stuff. What's so bad about $1, and $3 offers? Also, if i offered the ipod mini for 4 referrals, id be losing $100 every time i shipped one.


22-08-2005 09:48:52

Ignore him, he's a moron. 8 refs is a bit high for an ipod mini, but not many new site owners can afford to have them at 4 refs either.


11-09-2005 15:27:51

We now have ipod nano's, and will be adding a few more offers soon.


11-09-2005 18:05:27

I'm sorta creeped out.


11-09-2005 18:07:20