- LOW LOW Referral rate

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17-08-2005 21:02:24

New site.. GEEESH they have LOW referrals!!!

3 refs for a PSP!!

5 for a 60gb IPOD PHOTO!

I just saw someone here post something about it and was in shock for 2 seconds.

Anyone got a link to signup under it and trade with?


17-08-2005 21:05:53

Ehehe, it is casino/hosting offer based though.

The cheapest offer at the moment is $27.


17-08-2005 21:06:35

Ugh.. that sucks.


17-08-2005 21:10:01

Yeah, a site couldn't offer a 60gb iPod for 5 referrals, since they only pay about $20-25 each on average P


17-08-2005 21:15:49

Yep, that's right.


17-08-2005 23:31:31

If you're still interested in signing up I have a link you can use. D