What's going on with phreeipods??

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27-07-2005 16:10:54

Anyone have an idea on what's going on with them? The site seems to be on and off constantly. O_O


27-07-2005 16:11:47

They always are. I hate cool4free.


28-07-2005 17:11:12

[quote5f954f2549="J4320"]They always are. I hate cool4free.[/quote5f954f2549]

Are they still legit though?


01-08-2005 09:46:42

There's a thread about them being a scam in the off topic floating around right now. If you hurry you'll see it in there.

Apparently Grafton Clark is a kid.


01-08-2005 16:04:23

grafton clark is the owner's dad

the owner is a minor