Logitech4Free down for the rest of this year :(

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=19020


25-07-2005 22:37:46

check the homepage (


26-07-2005 09:33:34

Well that sucks... Good thing I'm not doing it. ;)


26-07-2005 11:44:11

It'll be worth the wait. I know the owner and what he's planning is a sweet..


26-07-2005 11:48:25

[quotebeebedae99="nevery"]It'll be worth the wait. I know the owner and what he's planning is a sweet..[/quotebeebedae99]
What takes 6 months to plan? Seems shady


26-07-2005 11:54:40

It seems it would be hard coming back from a shut down like this. Are the people signed up really going to wait to complete this site?

Nevery, how bout a little more info. Does it have anything to do with your site?


26-07-2005 11:55:37

[quotee62650e2c9="Crynos"][quotee62650e2c9="nevery"]It'll be worth the wait. I know the owner and what he's planning is a sweet..[/quotee62650e2c9]
What takes 6 months to plan? Seems shady[/quotee62650e2c9]

Maybe he wants to take a little break too.


26-07-2005 12:20:37

I'm checking the homepage, but it looks like a normal ass site to me. What am I missing?


26-07-2005 12:33:31

http//www.logitech4free.com/suspend.html (it appears as an announcement now)


26-07-2005 20:56:40

I'm sure I can provide a little insight on this matter...

The announcement was initially supposed to load once, but there was an error in the scripting where the annoucnement loaded before every page in the script. Therefore, people assumed that no warning of any sort was given, and that I was ready to call it quits.

I fixed the error as soon as I could get to it, and found that there were already 5 or 6 forums discussing how I plan on making the run for it! It's a little dissapointing, especially since a few of those people happened to be good "friends" I have spoken to numerous times online.

Anyways, yes J4320, you'r right about me needing a break as well. But the primary reason for the sites suspention is because it is going to be under-going an entirely new script/ layout change, which in turn requires a LOT of time! Everything else, just as stated in the annoucnement, will be as it always was. The site should be back up and running by December, if not during December!

I assure each and every one of you, you won't be dissapointed with the results! For those of you who know me even the slightest bit, know for one that I always have and always will keep the members in consideration before anything else!


26-07-2005 21:48:48

i knew it wouldn't be over, but it was a disappointment to see GreenReporter fail on ur site, which triggered me to go check out the announcement. When I made this post, logitech4free only had the banner up, whichever page u go to. Good luck to you, NC!


26-07-2005 22:22:19

Knew this was comming, except you told me to keep it quiet ?