is freecomputeraddons legit?

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25-07-2005 17:51:19

I'm thinking about doing this site, and I want to know if anyone has recieved gifts from them.

This site looks awesome! They have a custom order option, and allow 3 accounts per household!


25-07-2005 18:09:59

Be prepared to wait a month to receive your gift.

To answer your question if they are legit, we dont know yet. They have not made shipments. (To my knowledge).


25-07-2005 22:57:14

Yes, they've made shipments, to myself included.

The site is indeed legit.


26-07-2005 04:42:14

I am pending approval, waiting the month....


26-07-2005 11:55:34

Why the wait? Did they say they don't have enough funds to send yet?


26-07-2005 12:27:12

Wait, they allow 3 accounts per household? You can get two people from your household to be your referral? This seems a bit off.